Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lots of new sounds as the months are to come!

It's been a while since we did an update here, but rest assured...we have been busy, and we will always focus on introducing new sounds and sides to electronic dance music!

Although it has been quite a chaotic January for M3, a total of 8+ events really got our hands full there.  We'll be getting back to the studio again and focus on some new series releases as well as more focus on production.  It is strange that even with that many events in January...we are currently only uploading 1 set.  This is mostly caused by the available outputs on the mixer allowing us to record...which in this case most of the events have all the ports full.

But either way...stay tuned for the months to come, for a little heads up:
The entire M3 is currently in the talks to perform in Colorado in the Month of May!
DJ Tw33k is currently discussing plans to perform in Jakarta, Indonesia this year!

Although it may not be much future news, but these news are very big ones.

And music!

DJ Tw33k Live @ Kandyfest 2011 1/22/11
-"My first performance at a massive rave...or mini massive?  Either way...there were lots and lots of people.  I will usual, I was extremely nervous before I got on...actually I was really nervous the first few songs.  First off, I'd like to say that this is not my best mix...not even close.  Although I must say that D.Tech seems like a strong sound that I started that can get people moving to both house and trance lovers.  As far as the mix goes, I had to start off with some I guess...dark electro?  It than progresses into some D.Tech as well as ending it with tech trance.  Like I said...not my best mix, but lots of new sounds for everyone to enjoy.  So I hope you like it! :)"

As usual...


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