Friday, May 6, 2011

Sorry that we haven't been updating lately... -_-b

A little update since from the last time we updated...boy have we gone through a flurry of things.

Currently Tw33k have been trapped inside his cave of a room and studio learning as much as possible in production.  With 1 remix released, hopefully to be grabbed by a label's on their EP.  Although Tw33k mentioned it's not to what his standard is, it is what he's currently capable of with only 2 months fixed on it.

The last 3 months has been quite a busy one for everyone in M3.  Lots of planning going on for ways of spreading new sounds all over, one by one.  So we'll list some of the upcoming events that we have lined up with any available information that we currently have.

We would also like to introduce on the possibility of a new member to be part of the M3 family.  Currently undergoing training with Tw33k and the rest of M3, we feel that with his already great capability that he possess, M3 will only make him a bigger and better DJ for the future to come.  Just a little spoiler...his DJ name is..."The British"

Than we'll end it with of course....musical delight! :)

June 7th, 2011
DJ Tw33k & Tory Trajec @ Camp Kandie Pop
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Be sure to click on the link enclosed for additional information!
Tw33k & Tory will both be releasing their CD's of course for everyone to have for FREE!
SO be sure to stop them for one!

May 21st, 2011
DJ Tw33k @ Area 51
Be sure to email for more information!
Tw33k will also be releasing a new CD at this event!

June 4th, 2011
DJ Tw33k, Tory Trajec, DJ Ouiji, and The British @ Klub Kandie Pop 5
We are proud to announce that the M3 family will be performing at
Klub Kandie Pop 5
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They will also have new CD's to giveaway for this event, so be sure to stop them for one!

June 24th, 2011
DJ Tw33k @ Sideshow
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Tw33k will also be doing a CD release for this event!
Remember that each CD release is always FRESH and new all the time!

We currently have other events in between as well as after these posted.  Although we are still waiting on finalized information before we disclose them.  We are always keeping ourselves busy with way to help spread the unique sound that we bring.

And now....onto MUSIC!!!!

Tory Trajec in Trajec Tunes 011 
Tory Trajec
-"This is the first Trajec Tunez of the year and recently there has been an influence of "Dubstep" in techdance and hardhouse as well as other styles and this mix is the first to really show case it a lot more than TT010. I normaly get very bored with dubstep by itself, especially if the DJ isnt doing any tricks >(, but when it is incorporated into other styles it amazing!! I got about 4 tracks in this mix that utilize the dubstep sound."

Tory Trajec as "Trajectory" in Ominous Flow 001
-"This mix is a new concept for me and I'm still playing with it. Ive been trying to find a sound for Trajectory for sometime and I think I found a match. This mix is mostly techno so its very progressive. If your into that kind of thing you'll probably like it I think. At times though the mix strays from the progressive path a bit to give the people who enjoy unpredictablity a treat. All in all everything still blends well together and hopefully can be enjoyed by a wider audience."

Tory Trajce in Tech Dance Unity: A Tribute to Japan
Tory Trajec
-"This mix I made in light of recent tragic events in Japan. It consists of 14 tracks donated to Yoji's label Hellhouse Records in Japan. Hellhouse is donating all the money to the relief effort and there is plenty of tech dance and other styles to check out. If you would like to purchase any of these songs or others, please check out and donate. Here is the tracklist. Thank you for your support.

Tech Dance Unity: A Tribute To Japan

1.) Dawn Surely Comes- Shibee(Japan)
2.) We Are One- Toshio Ueki(Japan)
3.) Progress Program(Original Mix)- Mad Child Vs. The Third Man(Japan)
4.) There Is Hope- Joe-E(England)
5.) Music Is Movin' Me- Remo-Con(Japan)
6.) Raise- Nhato Vs. Hedonist(Japan)
7.) See Ya Down At The Disco(Exclusive Extended Edition)- Yoji pres. Net Shop Boys(Japan)
8.) For Japan- Brent Sadowick(Canada)
9.) Ever Weekend- DJ Arisa(Japan)
10.) Instability(Neal Thomas Remix)- Remo-Con(England)
11.) Pledge- Night Liberator(Japan)
12.) World In HD- Re-Born & Verjo(Russia)
13.) Progress Program(Diablik Remix)- Mad Child Vs. The Third Man(Ukraine)
14.) Level Up- Diablik(Ukraine) "

DJ Tw33k live @ AVEC 4/23/11
-"Wow has it been a busy few months.  I do have to say though unfortunately most of the last few month's sets weren't able to be recorded...but hopefully I'll make up for it with some more new material.  I have been working on production lately and I must's very very difficult to learn.  And there is also an unfortunate off balance thing it creates with my time so focused on production.  My DJ'ing skills slowly starts to lacks.  With that mentioned, my comment for this set is that I made a few major and some minor mistakes, although it has been a month since I have performed at a club.  Never the less, I'm still not very pleased with the overall performance for this set.  I will say that the mistakes are primarily in the first half or so, after that it does go smooth sailing.  This set features lots of new sounds incorporating D.Tech, as well as Tech Step.  Although the following DJ performing after me played fidget and electro, nearing the end of my set, I start to slowly migrate my set to cater for them.  So I hope you enjoy! :)"

DJ Tw33k live @ Animix 4/8/11
-"I will mention that this set is a online radio broadcast.  My first time performing for them and so this set is more like a "teaser" for everyone.  I was told that I set their record of viewers which I was told 1500 during my slot time, a little more than double of what they usually get.  A little about this set...since it's a teaser, I do try to cater many avenues as seamless as possible.  This is difficult because sometimes a massive genre jump may make the energy of the set a little weird if not done properly.  So I tend to not like making teaser sets.  With that mentioned, the set starts a little Dutchy D.Tech, migrating into a little progressive before diving into full D.Tech as well as Tech Step, where than I take it into Tech Trance and let it hit harder and harder as it goes!  It's an ok set since I also have been focusing on production lately, so I hope you enjoy. :)"

DJ Tw33k in Hybrid State 032 3/12/11
-"It's been a while since I made a Hybrid State due to all the shenanigans lately.  Although this set was quite forced for myself due to the overwhelming time availability I have, I'm somewhat ok with how the set went.  Some of the dilemmas I would be facing is, since the time between this Hybrid State and the previous, all those time in between means that there's quite a large accumulation of songs that I would want to play in this set.  Although I would only be able to play what would be the best that would make a statement.  The mixing is not the best of my Hybrid State, although I would say that there's quite a large variety of sounds, some familiar, as well as many new ones that you can enjoy.  So please let me know. ^_^"

Now with that out of the way, be sure to bookmark us and keep posted here.  We're always bringing new things for the future to come.

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