Friday, June 25, 2010!!!

Hello everyone!  I'm taking this time to spread the word for future events, than my next post will start to post FREE MUSIC for everyone as well as further introductions for our current crew members of M3 Productions.

I'll be listing these events in chronological order from the ones coming up in the next few days or weeks as it goes down to the further out ones which can be from a month or more.  Also linked with them are presale tickets as well as any discount/free guestlist available by emailing me and now let's get started!

There are also a few other events that hasn't been confirmed yet, and until they do, I will not post any information for it.
-----------------Event listing-------------------

Tw33k in Stage 4

Tw33k in the Main Stage

---End Listing---

Remember that for booking information, please email

Monday, June 14, 2010

Upcoming Free Pool Party in Hollywood!

OK  I'll be DJ'ing house music under my other alias "Hybreed"

Hybreed is specifically house music... tech house with various flavors of funk, latin and some italian elements.

It will be held at The Flats Lounge in Los Angeles.  Here's the info:

"D R E N C H E D"
The Summer Solstice Pool Party
@ Blue Velvet at the Flat


Email first and last names to to be put on the guestlist

BLUE VELVET @ the Flat
750 Garland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Free before 2pm with guestlist
$10 at the door w/ RSVP on the guestlist after 2pm

Remember it's preferred that you bring swimwear since this is a Pool Party!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

OK, so M3 Productions now has a Blogspot!!!!

OK *whew*

Patrick here of M3 Productions.  I've noticed that with all of these social media networks of all sorts as well as the ever so many DJ's out there...with their own fancy websites that sometimes gives you viruses, or just spam after spam of just useless junk.  This is where we'll be what we always have been.  With the DJ's of M3, although we do not have a lot (4 members including myself), we will do what we do best.  Give everyone as well as introduce them to electronic music that you don't get exposed to often.

There's pop electronic music, than there's underground electronic.  Don't deter away just to hear the word "Underground", it's different but boy does it catch everyone's attention.

So this blogspot's intention is to provide everyone the possibility to provide them a constant source of great new electronic dance music.

We'll also be posting any upcoming events for those that will follow us.  Remember just to follow us is as easy as looking to the right and clicking on "Follow".  Keeping everyone up to date on any happenings as well as discount or free guestlist for upcoming shows.

So spread the word, of who we are and what we do.

Feel free to comment or message us!  We don't bite. :)