Friday, June 25, 2010!!!

Hello everyone!  I'm taking this time to spread the word for future events, than my next post will start to post FREE MUSIC for everyone as well as further introductions for our current crew members of M3 Productions.

I'll be listing these events in chronological order from the ones coming up in the next few days or weeks as it goes down to the further out ones which can be from a month or more.  Also linked with them are presale tickets as well as any discount/free guestlist available by emailing me and now let's get started!

There are also a few other events that hasn't been confirmed yet, and until they do, I will not post any information for it.
-----------------Event listing-------------------

Tw33k in Stage 4

Tw33k in the Main Stage

---End Listing---

Remember that for booking information, please email

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