Thursday, July 15, 2010


WOW....ok.  So I live here in Socal, and boy do I have to tell yah.  It's super duper hot here!  100 plus degrees and today was freakish due to a little thunder shower.  So what better to relax in a nice pool or spa or jacuzzi than along side some awesome music.

SO without further ado.  Here are some free music!!!

Some info.  These mixes are in MP3 format and are being hosted from 3rd party hosters.  But these are OUR very own mixes that we have done.  I will include some brief info about the mix as well as a link to them.  Some mixes are old but I still want to share them to all of you. ^_^  SO bear with'll slowly catch up to our current uploads.  As far as most current ones.  Find us in Facebook & Myspace those are teh easiest ways to ask for our newest mixes.

And...don't forget to leave your comments.

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Hybreed DJ ft M18 A Hybrid House 001 4-2-08
-"First hand try at a new sound of doing tech house.  Features lots of remixes that Tw33k...aka Hybreed has done with M18.  This is a very nice funky mix that you can lounge to."

Hybreed DJ ft M18 A Hybrid House 002 5-2-09
-"Our second installment on this Housey side of Tw33k...where we know as "Hybreed".  Lots of new songs, and remember.  Still staying on track with Tech House."

DJ Tw33k Hybrid State 015 10-24-08
-"My series of "Hybrid State".  Read our bios for additional information about them.  SO the best way to describe this in's a Hybrid State. =P  SO it carries a different flow compared to various other mixes that you may encounter.  This would give me my own sound of Tech Trance."

DJ Tw33k Hybrid State 016 1-31-09
-"Hybrid State Series.  This one is much much edgier than 15, but still not the greatest of Hybrid States.  Off the top of my head...7, 14, 18 and some others are among the best Hybrid States.  Starts off with break beats!  EGADS!!!  =P  But it's a nice mood setter for those who likes the flow.  Ends pretty bamming. ^_^"

DJ Tw33k Hybrid State 017 3-18-09
-"Hybrid State Series!  Lots of new songs after new songs.  So hope you enjoy this slew of Tech Trance."

Tory Trajec's RAWstyles Reload 001
Tory Trajec
-"Im switching things up a bit just to keep you all on your toes;P This mix combines Hardfunk/Acid Hardhouse with Acid Techno/Hardstyle. The first half you'll notice is my opening style for Trajec Tunez and the second half is very familiar to my RAWstyles mixes that I use to do. The two styles work very well together so I figured I would start a new monthly showcase for all of you. Trajec Tunez 006 will be up next week and will have a few well deserved changes as well but still keeping with the style your used to. RAWstyles Reloaded is not exactally one of my best mixes. I have some beatmatching issues here and there...I must of not been in the right frame of mind or something. But at the same time there are some great moments as well and I really like the pace and song selection of the mix. Its RAW like the name entitles so I desided not to trash it. So you tell me what you think. Ill let you deside. See you next week. Cheerz. Enjoy:)"

Tory Trajec in Trajec Tunez 005 5-26-09
Tory Trajec
-"By now you all know what to expect from Trajec Tunez so no intro needed. Hope you all enjoy it and Ill hit cha up next month with some fresh new music as always:) Cheerz"

MORE to COME!!!!!

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