Saturday, December 18, 2010

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!! ^_^

Season greetings everyone!  It's been a while since we've posted anything here.  We've been very very busy to prepare for what to come.  As well as spreading our unique sound to listeners like you and to everyone else.  First up we'd like to mention the upcoming events M3 productions has been acquiring in the near future!

In chronological order (earlier events first) *Click on the picture to enlarge*

December 25, 2010  Christmas NIGHT!

Hybreed aka DJ Tw33k @ Avec

Will be opening the night with some Tech House are this Multimillion dollar club in Orange County

If you wanna get on the Guestlist!
please email First name and Last names to:
It's Free before 10pm on "Hybreed's List"

21+ event
Avec Nightclub
18582 Beach Blvd.
Huntington Beach, CA  92646
Please dress "casual" at a minimum, no jerseys, no tank tops, no gang attire. 
Sneakers OK, Jeans OK
January 7th, 2011
DJ Tw33k @ iKandy!!!

$5 all night will be a great party!
For more information, please email:

Tw33k will also be doing a CD Release at this party!!!
FREE CD Giveaway!!!  Be sure to stop him for one!
January 15th, 2011
DJ Tw33k @ Zodiak Lights!!!

Be sure to buy your PRESALES NOW!!!
Fully permitted venue in Van Nuys!
All info disclosed on the link for Presales.

Tw33k will also be doing a CD Release at this party!!!
FREE CD Giveaway!!!  Be sure to stop him for one!
January 22nd, 2011!!!
DJ Tw33k, Tory Trajec & DJ Ouiji @ The Kandyfest 2011

We are all proud to announce that M3 Productions family will be at The Kandyfest!!
Be sure to buy your PRESALES NOW!!!

Located at the Hudson & Gotham!
Fully Permitted!!

295 E. Caroline St.
San Bernardino, CA  92408

The entire M3 Family will be doing a CD Release at this party!!!
FREE CD Giveaway!!!  Be sure to stop us for one!

CONFIRMED!!!  Tw33k will be on Gotham Main Stage!!!
Tory Trajec and DJ Ouiji's stage will be announced!
That was quite a LARGE amount of updates and upcoming events.  Be sure to make it to all of them!  Those CD releases are always new CD's at every gig.  So they're never old stuff!

And now to MUSIC!!!!

DJ Tw33k live @ UKUF Radio 12/16/10
-"This in my honest opinion was a very very enjoyable mix to make.  It was fun being able to play all these new songs as well as try out new sounds to introduce to everyone.  The set starts out a little harder hitting D.Tech as well as slowly migrating to many new sounds of Tech Trance.  Overall I do like this mix a lot, well chosen songs, placement, and the flow of energy was just great!  I'm actually very happy to share this mix to everyone!  Enjoy and spread it around! ^_^"

DJ Tw33k live @ Alice in Raverland Thank You Party (TYP) 12/3/10
-"This mix was recorded live at an outdoor rave.  let me tell's not exactly fun to DJ in the cold weather.  The mix starts out a little housey some electro emphasis, it than migrates more into the purer D. Tech and leads into Tech Trance, and to end with a slight fusion of both.  It's not exactly my favorite mix compared to my most recent UKUF set.  It still contains it's energy, but I will say that this mix contains a lot more of a "FUNK" feel in it, giving you that nice little vibe goin' on. =P  So I hope you enjoy!"

DJ Tw33k live @ ASU Fox Theatres for Alice in Raverland 11/26/10
-"Be warned, due to the sound set up that was already on before recording, the volume was redlining before I arrived.  I tried to lower and balance the volume as much without altering the master output, although it was still too loud and this mix is LOUD!  And some instances of distortion.  Now about the mix, it's a pretty solid mix.  The only thing I'm urking is due to the sound being over modulated.  I start off a little dark house with some, moving into tech trance and ending with a surprise.  Although I normally don't play electro dutch, the last track was to set up the DJ after me.  Pretty varied set, but I do hope you all enjoy this mix.  Please forgive on the loudness. :)"

As usual...


Remember for Booking please email:

And don't forget to

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