Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Years everyone!

We hope everyone had a great 2010.  The year has been such a progressive year for all of us here.  We're slowly spreading our unique sound as well as getting some recognition from people who appreciate what we're trying to do.  As we bring in more and more things for 2011, we've got a slew of fun stuff and new sounds for everyone to get a taste of.

So as we gladly welcome 2011!

Be sure to check out these following events that we'll be performing at.  Experience it better live!
January 15th, 2011
DJ Tw33k @ Zodiak Lights!!!
Be sure to buy your PRESALES NOW!!!
Fully permitted venue in Van Nuys!
All info disclosed on the link for Presales.
Tw33k will also be doing a CD Release at this party!!!
FREE CD Giveaway!!!  Be sure to stop him for one!
January 22nd, 2011!!!
DJ Tw33k, Tory Trajec & DJ Ouiji @ The Kandyfest 2011
We are all proud to announce that M3 Productions family will be at The Kandyfest!!
Be sure to buy your PRESALES NOW!!!
Located at the Hudson & Gotham!
Fully Permitted!!
295 E. Caroline St.
San Bernardino, CA  92408
The entire M3 Family will be doing a CD Release at this party!!!
FREE CD Giveaway!!!  Be sure to stop us for one!
CONFIRMED!!!  Tw33k will be on Gotham Main Stage!!!
Tory Trajec and DJ Ouiji's stage will be announced!
 And now!!!  MUSICS!!!!
Be sure to come to one of our events to be able to experience it live as well as being able to get a CD version of our latest releases!

Tory Trajec's Best of 2010
Tory Trajec
-“Drum Roll please!!!...........Tory Trajec's Top Tracks of 2010!! I'm providing a tracklist for all of you who would like to look up some amazing artists. These songs are in no particular order by the way. I do a lot of “digging” for music everyday(as every serious DJ should) and purchase almost all of my music so I take a lot of pride in providing you the best of what is available:) Thank you everyone for all the great support. Of course I do this for myself but more importantly I do this for you. I seek to surprise and inspire all of you to make life just that much more interesting to live. In 2011 I will not stray from my “trajectory” and continue to give you new sounds and events to look forward to. What is the next stop on my journey through sound?....”
Top 3 tracks of the year:
1.)Wanna Fuckin' Dance(Original Mix)- Yoji & Romeo
2.)Roof Of Heaven(Nish's DubsteK Remix)- Ryoji Takahashi
3.)Klick Klack WTF(Original Mix)- A.S.Y.S.
Best New Artist:
"Diablik" “This guy is incredible!! If you like Ukrainian, twisted, dark, experimental techno/hard dance than this guy will blow your mind! His other alias is “E. Chistyakov” and actually has been around a few years. This year though he really stepped up his productions and collaborations and I literally can not stop listening to his music. A lot of thought seems to go into everything he touches so please go check him out!”
Top Tracks of 2010 tracklist:
1.) Enjoy The Music(Diablik Remix)- Ramp
2.) Klick Klack WTF(Original Mix)- A.S.Y.S.
3.) Your Fired!- Hush Hush
4.) Moogerfoogin(Original Mix)- Organ Donors
5.) Dust Till Dawn(Original Mix)- Mark Young & Derek Jones
6.) Automatic Audio Overload(Original Mix)- Public Domain Soundsystem
7.) Traffic(Original Mix)- Phil York Vs. BRK3
8.) Extrema Pt.3- Remo-Con
9.) Combaine- SickMaN
10.) Jager Meister!(Remo-Con's Remodeled Into Tech Dance Remix)- Jager Meisters
11.) Wanna Fuckin' Dance(Original Mix)- Yoji & Romeo
12.) Breeze(Andy Richmond Remix)- Atmosphere
13.) Bit Pattern(Mad Child Remix)- The Third Man
14.) Surrender(Original Mix)- Yoji
15.) Roof Of Heaven(Nish's DubsteK Remix)- Ryoji Takahashi 
Tory Trajec in Trajec Tunez 010
Tory Trajec
-“Well the end of the 2010 is weeks away and so I figured I'd close it out with Trajec Tunez 010! Lots of good stuff on here. It always seems like the really good tracks come out in the last few months of the year. Anyway I really liked this one especially for its variety. The start is very different than the end yet it flows very well. Hope you all enjoy:)”

If you like the music that we've been able to share with everyone. Let it be known! :)
Help spread us around and...

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