Sunday, January 9, 2011

January shows to be an eventful Month!

As the month of January progresses, more surprises has been popping up!

Currently our calender from today till the end of the month shows:
1/15: Tw33k @ Zodiac Lights
1/22: Tw33k, Tory Trajec, & Ouiji @ Kandifest
1/28: Hybreed @ Burgundy House
1/29: Tw33k @ Avec

Be sure to check those out on our Facebooks as well as here.  We'll be updating all the info once we receive the flier and guestlist information. ^_^

For the mean time, these are what information we currently have for our upcoming events.
January 15th, 2011
DJ Tw33k @ Zodiak Lights!!!
Be sure to buy your PRESALES NOW!!!
Fully permitted venue in Van Nuys!
All info disclosed on the link for Presales.
Tw33k will also be doing a CD Release at this party!!!
FREE CD Giveaway!!!  Be sure to stop him for one!
January 22nd, 2011!!!
DJ Tw33k, Tory Trajec & DJ Ouiji @ The Kandyfest 2011
We are all proud to announce that M3 Productions family will be at The Kandyfest!!
Be sure to buy your PRESALES NOW!!!
Located at the Hudson & Gotham!
Fully Permitted!!
295 E. Caroline St.
San Bernardino, CA  92408
The entire M3 Family will be doing a CD Release at this party!!!
FREE CD Giveaway!!!  Be sure to stop us for one!
CONFIRMED!!!  Tw33k will be on Gotham Main Stage!!!
Tory Trajec and DJ Ouiji's stage will be announced!
 And now


DJ Tw33k Live @ The Hangover 1/1/11
-"As I start the new year with some of my song choices from my 'Top of 2010', so in a way it's to introduce what i felt was some very innovative sounds that was released in 2010, as well as playing some songs that should be coming up big in the near future.  It's not my best mix since I also played the night before so I was pretty tired, but nevertheless this mix does start out hitting pretty hard from the beginning.  So i hope you all enjoy. :)"

DJ Tw33k Live @ Glow NYE 12/31/10
-"I was extremely grateful for been given the honor to close out the year 2010.  I was able to play from 9-10p and 11:30p-12a, and to close out where people slowly counted down. was quite a feeling indeed.  Unfortunately due to my recorder running out of memory without me knowing, I wasn't able to record my 11:30-12 set, which was pretty bangin' if you ask me. So I do apologize, but my 9-10 recording was perfectly fine.  This event was also my release for my new and last mix of the year, my 'Top Tracks of 2010'.  This recording was an ok set, nothing major.  There are some new songs that I was able to play but wasn't able to for previous events or recordings.  As long as people are enjoying it, than I'll enjoy my performance as well. :)"

DJ Tw33k's Top Tracks of 2010 12/29/10
-"As we close out 2010...we have to wonder...what happened in 2010?  All I can say is that the year 2010 was such an innovative year.  Lots of songs containing sounds that are a fusion of what we're about to see in the FUTURE.  Which is why I made an intro and outro for this mix that's targeted around that topic.  It's funny and quirky, so I hope you'll get a good laugh out of it.  This isn't one of my best sets, although it can get difficult trying to put together a compilation of favorite songs instead of songs that can flow with one another.  So it starts out with some D.Tech, leading into tech trance at the end.  The song selection was primarily chosen on many factors like, unique sound implementation, song structure, catchy-ness, and innovative sounds.  So I hope you enjoy! ^_^"

DJ Tw33k's Hybrid State 031 12/28/10
-"This release will be the last release for 2010, apart from the 'Top Tracks' and any event recordings.  So think of it as the last mix before the year's end where I can introduce new songs in my series of Hybrid States'.  I can say that 2010 has been a extremely busy year for us and hoping that 2011 will bring forth lots of new things for us to keep on introducing new sounds for everyone.  So I hope you enjoy this set!  It starts out with D.Tech and slowly into tech trance."

Hybreed Live @ Avec Xmas 12/25/10
Hybreed aka Tw33k
-"Another night of sexy. =P  I do enjoy playing as Hybreed from time to time, since it allows me to stretch my legs in a different direction.  Tech house with some funk and latin flavor.  I will mention that I did enjoy this mix very much.  Lots of technical tricks as well as the flow of the set, keeping that funky groove and latin swing.  I also wanted to mention that there was a live bongo player on the night of the performance, and he was performing live with my set.  So if you listen carefully, you'll be able to hear it in the background. ^_^"

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