Saturday, July 31, 2010

More Music

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Here's a few sets to get your weekend started.  Featuring lots of recent sets from Tory Trajec that were recorded in 2010 as well as including some sets of Tw33k from his earlier years as we try to catch up to his recent sets as the next few updates will include.

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Tory Trajec in Trajec Tunez 006
Tory Trajec
-"Hey everyone got another one for ya:) Not one of my cleaner mixes but has a very good flow to it. The first half is predominately tech trance then I move into tech dance in the second half. Some slight over modulation throughout but its still good. Hope you all enjoy my latest journey in to sound:) See ya next time."

Tory Trajec in Trajec Tunez 007 2/14/10
Tory Trajec
-"The new year is here and with it comes some amazing sounds! Tech Dance this year has really kicked it up a notch and this mix will display the pure force and power of the genre. More and more artists seem to be contributing to the genre this year and I will be the first to say(at least coming from an American)that this is the future of hard dance! Most of you might not follow these artists just yet for the simple fact that most of the tracks I play are NOT found for free and are rarely ever uploaded by anyone. I buy all my tech dance and sources are limited. If you need some help finding some “Tech Dance” artists here is a list of a few. Yoji(the creater and name giver of the genre), Remo-Con, Vandall, Joe-E, Andy Richmond, Brent Sadowick, The Third Man, Night Liberator, George S, Mad Child, etc. Anyway this year is looking very good so far and this mix is one of my favorites. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do:) Later."
Tory Trajec Live @ Neurotika 2/19/10
Tory Trajec
-"This set was recorded live at a rave in downtown Los Angeles and is pretty crazy stuff! One of the better raves I've played for and worthy of uploading. I start with some hard dance/hardstyle and move quickly into Tech Dance. The speed is slightly faster than normal so its a very intense mix. The crowd really loved it and for most it was a whole new experience. The revolution will be slow and steady it looks like. But the American audiences seems to have their ears awakened to the new sound to an extent. Looks like my work here is just beginning..."

Tory Trajec Live @ Super Frolic Sunday 5/30/10
Tory Trajec
-"Another live set that went very well:) Recorded in North Hollywood at a venue that looked just as crazy as the music being played. A perfect fit I thought. It was themed like a freakshow carnival sideshow. Pretty awesome:) Anyway this mix incorporates the latest Tech Dance as well as some new tech dance/hard house hybrid stuff that I was really impressed with. This was a very fun mix that seemed to dumbfound the crowd. It was really odd because everyone seemed to just stand and stare. Maybe it was the drugs but they seemed hypnotized by my performance. This happened one other time last year at Circus Disco Hollywood. I closed for Mars & Mystre and everyone just stared at me. At the end everyone clapped and I felt like I shared something special with them:) I will be handing out copies of this mix at Anime Expo Los Angeles this year. Me and my partners in crime will be serving up some great tunes at some awesome room parties. If you see me I can guarantee a copy for ya for as long as I have them. Plus the quality is way better than this download;) Hope you guys like this mix. Till next time."

DJ Tw33k in Hybrid State 018 4/10/09
-"I would like to say that this....this set caught the ears of sooooooooooo many people.  As mention in prior posts, this would by far be among the best Hybrid States ever recorded.  This was broadcasted at a friend's house using a pair of CDJ-400's and a A&H Xone 32, so it's actually my first time using these.  The mix isn't "The" best ...but is still considered among the best.  It does have it's unique story told just like the other various Hybrid States.  So let it take you onto a musical journey.  Cheers! :)"

DJ Tw33k in Hybrid State 019 5/1/09
-"What can I say about my Hybrid State?  It's mainly to show people what sounds are out there that's to everyone's avail.  That's why I'm always happy to show everyone what sounds of trance that isn't typically broadcasted or shared.  #019 is a very clean mix and have a very nice energy to it as well, a roller coaster ride if we may.  I won't explain more, just listen to it and experience it.  Happy Trails! :)"

DJ Tw33k in Hybrid State 020 5/24/09
-"Lots of new songs being displayed here.  You might also notice that it's a little more melodic than usual, so remember that a mix is suppose to express a character from a part of me.  Still incorporates the simple fundamental that all my Hybrid States contain.  Enjoy! :)"

DJ Tw33k live @ Neurotika 2/19/10
  DJ Tw33k live @ Neurotika 2-19-10 by DJTw33k
(To download just click on the little arrow pointing downwards)
-"Like Tory Trajec's recording mentioned above.  We both DJ'd at this event in the main room, it was an awesome nicely sized rave in the city of Los Angeles, so this is a recording from a live event!  Lots of good vibes so we had to return the favor with great tunes.  This set starts to incorporate a new sound that I am currently still polishing on.  Although it's a very very new sound of trance, that no one else plays it domestically here in the US.  So far europe has been playing this type of sounding trance.  So here is just a brief look into it.  The set starts off housey since the DJ before me was playing house, and it ends...well...the way I end things. ^_^"

That's it for now....more to come as promised!

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