Sunday, August 8, 2010

Music and upcoming event info!

August here we come!  July has been a very busy month for everyone, so now we'll welcome August with things just as festive.

Events for August:

August 13 (Friday night), Tw33k @ ASU Fox Theatres
-Info to come
August 14 (Saturday night), Tory Trajec @ Circus Disco
-Email to be on the guestlist!

August 21 (Saturday early morning), Tw33k @ After Hours at The Church in LA
-Info to come
August 21 (Saturday night), Tw33k @ I Want Candie
-Buy your presales @ while they're cheap

Now to our music...remember, we're still catching up to what we've been currently releasing recently.  That way you're able to see our progress as well as evolution of sounds that we play.

Also...did you know?
That there's a difference between "Tech Trance" and "Trance that sounds Techy".  What Tw33k plays is specifically Tech Trance.  Just as Tory's "Tech Dance" is an entirely fresh very new genre that is captivating the ears of the audience.

DJ Tw33k in Hybrid State 023 10/3/09
  DJ Tw33k Hybrid State 023 10-3-09 by DJTw33k
-"This set was primarily made for my CD release during my gig @ Circus Disco in the Main Room where I opened up for Marco V.  It features a lot of new songs crossing a little electro and my usual tech trance.  SO I hope you all enjoy this set."

DJ Tw33k live @ Circus Disco 10/10/09
  DJ Tw33k @ Circus Disco Main Room 10-10-09 by DJTw33k
-"This was quite a set...I was originally suppose to only play for an hour and a half, ended up having me play for almost 2 hours.  It features a lot of new sounds as well as my story being told.  It has many of the characteristics as my Hybrid State, but due to the unexpected extension...the end was a slight tone down as well as a great way to transition into Marco V's set.  This is among my favorite live performances that was recorded, so please enjoy. ^_^"

Hybreed in Hybreed Effect 003
-"I can't remember when this was recorded...I think it was sometime in July of 2009.  It incorporates a lot of sounds that me and M18 worked on.  So I hope you enjoy this house set with elements of prog, tech, and funk. :)  Although it's not the best house mix I've done, it's something I've been polishing up on for the last few months."

DJ Tw33k in Hybrid State 025 12/12/09
-"Now this mix is more focused on those who enjoy vocals.  If you may have notice, most of my mixes doesn't contain much vocals or any vocals at all.  It's due to the fact that I'd prefer for sounds to tell my story instead of what music is suppose to be in the first place.  It's still a very enjoyable mix, having lots of twists and turns.  Hope you enjoy! :)"

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