Friday, September 17, 2010

Upcoming events...and of course....MUSIC!

Let me first begin that September has been quite a busy month so far.  Sowing the seeds so that they will bloom when the time comes.  We have got events and music to satisfy the soul!!!

First up!

Tw33k will be DJ'ing at 

FLIGHT Club in Huntington Beach on 9/24/10

it is FREE before 10:30pm if you are on "Tw33k's Guestlist"
To get on the guestlist is simple.
-Email first and last names to
-Also include adders (+4 max) these act for when you're coming in a group that you don't know their names, those in your group will be the adder portion along with your name.
-Email names by 9/23/10
-Please be prompt and early at the arriving to the club before 10:30pm, price for after 10:30pm is half off regular door cover (which is estimated at possibly $10 or $15)  SO BE THERE EARLY!
-SPECIAL!!!  Tw33k will be playing from 9p-11:30p, so he'll be covering a large range of music from start to finish!!!

This is a 21+ event

FLIGHT Club & Bistro
8082 Adams Ave
Huntington Beach, CA

Dress code is casual/dressy
They're pretty lenient, but you still don't want to come looking like rags.  Jeans are OK, Tennis shoes are OK

For even more information, you can add DJ Tw33k @ and he'll gladly route you towards the event wall.

Remember to email those names to be on Tw33k's Guestlist!

And...on to MUSIC!!!!

DJ Tw33k Live @ Circus Disco 7/10/10
-"DJ'ing at Circus Disco as part of my monthly residency.  Lots and LOTS of classic hits!  It's been a while since I heard them...or had them played at all.  Although just some info, you may have noticed that I have lots of recordings from the month of was due to me performing at 9 events and recording most of them.  Please excuse since there was so much events, lots of songs tend to be played quite often since it didn't give me enough time to research more new songs.  But I still hope you guys enjoy."

DJ Tw33k Live @ AX 2010 Day 3 Nokia Theatre 7/3/10
-"This was performed in front of 3,500 people at the Nokia Theatre during AX 2010, day 3.  It was my return so I really didn't know how to take it.  Since the attendees were most likely varied in all types of genres, I had to play something that crossed all of them.  So this set you'll find some songs that I won't normally think of this mix as a "Fan Service" as well as introducing many classics that changed the way trance music sounded, as well as sounds from the up and coming new sounds.  It does end with a BANG!  So I hope you enjoy."

DJ Tw33k Live @ Viral Friday 7/23/10
-"This was recorded at a live event that I had to DJ at.  It features some D.Tech and Tech Trance.  I had to start off the set with a little trance but with an electro-ish feel to it due to the DJ before me was an electro DJ.  The set does hit hard from the get go really fast since my slot wasn't as long and typically at an event like this.  Gotta hit it where it hurts. I hope you enjoy. :)"

Hybreed Live @ Global Dance Mission 66 7/23/10
-"Still developing that sound for Hybreed.  This mix does capture a very good snapshot of that polishing.  This mix was also featured on ITunes as well as incorporating an original work labeled "Hybreed's 'Who needs a computer? Trashup".  It also have various reworks.  It's not the best mix so far, since I'm still polishing the sound and flow of my set.  But I still hope you all enjoy. :)"

DJ Tw33k live on UKUF Radio 6/23/10
-"This live broadcast shows a lot more of the evolution as said before, D.Tech.  It's not my favorite mix, there are some things tat I'm not too fond of, although it does allow me to stretch my legs more on the technical aspect of the mix.  Hope you can catch any of them. It does end like how Hybrid State does...with a bang.  Comments are always welcomed and I hope you all enjoy. ^_^"

Remember for Booking please email:

And don't forget to

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