Saturday, September 4, 2010

Upcoming EVENTS!!! & MUSIC!!!!

September here we come!  Our first post for September has quite some good amount of updates.  Remember that we're posting a lot of music primarily to catch up to what we've been offering musically for everyone, and we're getting close.

We also have a few events going on in September.

September 24th (Friday)  Tw33k @ Club FLIGHT
-This club is located in Orange County.  Specifically in Huntington Beach, off Beach Blvd and Adams.
Strictly 21+ event!
Dress code is casual, although it does tend to appeal to the dressier side of casual.

Entry is FREE before 10:30p ONLY with GUESTLIST!!!!!
To get on the guestlist please email first and last names to:
Cut off date for accepting names is September 24 4pm
Entry after 10:30p is half off door price, which is $10
Regular door price is $20

So be sure to email those names!!!

And MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!

DJ Tw33k in Hybrid State 029 5/8/10
-"More of this D.Tech sound to you!  So this is a very new change into the trance sound.  If you've heard my rant in person about it...than you already know.  Lots of new songs in this mix as well as traditional sounds mixed with new sounding things.  Although I'm still working on Hybrid State 030, this episode of Hybrid State does provide a very apparent change in the trance sound.  Hope you all enjoy. :)"

Hybreed Pioneer Spring Session 5/11/10
Hybreed aka Tw33k
-"A performance under my alter ego.  The sound of Hybreed specifically focuses only in Tech House.  This mix was made primarily for a mixing contest where I needed votes from as many people I can get.  I didn't win the contest...but I did find out little new things to improve on as well as trying to develop something new...hopefully.  It's not the cleanest mix but it does feature my own "Trashups", I also kept on emphasizing...I don't DJ with a laptop...ever!  This set contains little hints of Funk so I hope you enjoy. ^_^"

Tw33k live at UKUF Radio 5/19/10
-"Not my best mix...especially a broadcast.  Although it does contain lots of new songs and this new sound of D.Tech.  There's one part of the mix that I had a major problem trying to mix.  But never the less, like what someone told me, "Never apologize for art, for art is what it is."  So I do hope you enjoy it. :)"

DJ Tw33k live @ Circus Disco 5/22/10
-"If you're looking carefully...yes, this is the 2nd time I played at Circus within a months time.  Although for different people I am working with.  This set starts off a LOT faster than the usual other sets, due to the fact that I was playing after someone who plays it was pretty fast to begin with.  So expect this mix to hit HARD and FAST from the get go.  Remember to leave comments."

DJ Tw33k live @ Super Frolic Sunday 5/30/10
-"This was a recording at a rave that I performed at.  Working with some...not well operable equipment, although you've always gotta make due with what you've got.  Anyways, this is a pretty bangin set, since I was prepping for Tory Trajec, so I've gotta end it hard.  I know I messed up once in the mix since the cd player locked down and had me scratching instead of adjusting.  But overall it's still an enjoyable mix.  Comments!"

Hybreed live @ Drenched 6/20/10
Hybreed aka Tw33k
-"This is my live performance at a Club Hotel Pool event.  Perfect time and vibe for a Summer Event.  This tech house set has lots of various flavors that I've been trying to iron out as Hybreed.  So it contains lots of technical aspects with a little bit of funk and latin feel.  Hope you enjoy. ^_^"

Remember for Booking please email:

And don't forget to

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