Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mark your calender for Oct 16th!!!

October has proven to be quite a busy month!  But this one will be of epic proportion!

M3 Production's entire staff of DJ's will be performing at

Klub Kandie Pop 4

Please buy your presale tickets while it's just $15

The event will go from 9p-6am!
all event info is located inside the groovetickets link

Tw33k in the Main Room
Tory Trajec and Ouiji headlines in Room 3
and our newest member of M3 Hase in Room 2

and of course we wouldn't end this with just event info, 3 brand new live brand new one of them was just recorded live at an event no more than 20 hours ago!

DJ Tw33k live @ Glow 10/8/10
-"This is the live recording from my gig at a club in Huntington Beach.  Although I was an opener I tried my best to open for the next DJ.  So this set starts off very mellow and relaxing filled with lots of progressive house, although I did give a little bit of an edginess later in my set...just a small taste, before toning it down back into some D.Tech, and than ending it with proggy house.  I don't usually prefer to have a set that's quite this jumpy or genre jumping so suddenly, not really my style.  But I did hope the people there as well as my friends who attended enjoyed the night, which is what is important to me.  So enjoy. :)"

DJ Tw33k live @ Euphoric Explosion 10/2/10
-"This was recorded live at my 2nd gig at a desert rave.  I do have to say that it's quite a night under the stars, there were so many clusters!  Anyways, this was a very short set due to small constraints.  Only 24 minutes!  I had get to the point fast, also due to the DJ before me playing trance.  So be aware...this set starts out bangin'. =P"

DJ Tw33k live on M3 Radio 9/24/10
-"Just a recording to kinda...stretch my legs a little.  Has it moments here and there.  Can't really say too much other than hope you enjoy and let me know about it. :)"


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