Monday, October 4, 2010

October, here we come!

Another month, another adventure!  We are glad to hear that our young site here has hit over 300 views last month!!  That's big if you consider our only means of spreading this site around.  With bigger and better things to come, we'll be adding some additional pages that can be helpful for anyone curious about the DJ'ing world as well as the music in it.

So without further adieu..MUSIC!!!!


DJ Tw33k Live @ Glow 9/24/10
-"Since I was the opening DJ for this night, I started it off being very housey and relaxing, but yet enough to get people dancing.  Later leading into harder hitting songs in trance.  The night was a huge success and everyone enjoyed a night of dancing.  Lots of new songs as well as a re-released classic but remixed!  Please comment. :)"

DJ Tw33k in Hybrid State 030 9/24/10
-"This mix was made primarily for the CD release for my performance at Glow.  Although due to time constraints, this mix was rushed, which ended up being recorded just 20 hours before the performance.  The first half features a very solid form of D.Tech, so it shows a fitting example of it, the second half finishes off the mix with the traditional Hybrid State, along with a special track at the end.  So I do hope you enjoy and remember...comments! :)"

There are a few more recordings that we are currently cleaning up and making sure it is up to the sound quality before it is uploaded.  There's also an experimental performance that Tw33k and Tory Trajec has been planning as a tag team of only NEW SOUNDS, they are going to be called "H.D.F.T."  More to come when the time comes ^_^


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