Wednesday, October 27, 2010

November brings more than just turkey!

As the month of November comes forth, we at M3 Productions will be getting more than just turkey for the holidays!

First off, we will have our
DJ Tw33k & Tory Trajec at an upcoming event called


Although due to trying to get the flier out as soon as possible, it is 100% confirmed that our very own Tory Trajec will be performing at this event.

All of the event info is all available on this flier but if you have any additional questions, please feel free to email them to

We're all also available for any future bookings coming later in the month so if you can help spread the cause of M3, just let us know.  But we will also update everyone with any bookings we acquire along the way on here.

And of course....MUSIC!!!

DJ Tw33k @ KKP4 10/16/10
-"Although unfortunately since we are all unable to know ahead of time what mixer we will be dealing with, we were unable to record Hase, Tory Trajec, and Oui-Ji's set, which I must comment that Oui-Ji had the best set that night as well as being the best performer for all the people, making him the REAL headliner that night!  This set was recorded off of the provided Pioneer DJM-800 which allowed me to record the set.  With the previous DJ playing electro, I had to try to change the course of the style of music that will flow without any sudden changes.  Great thing about this is that Tory has provided me a few great tracks that allowed me to do so.  So the first few songs starts off a little electro like along with this sound of D.Tech, it created a great mesh as the set progressed.  Mid way through the set also incorporates a little new sound which I like to call "Tech Step".  Although only 2 songs are currently released globally, 1 of the songs I was playing required me to improv in order to make an introduction into this new sound a little easier.  I can't say that it was done well, but it does give me more ideas on how to execute it in the future.  Of course ending my set with my usual tech trance, I will have to comment that this set was more of an "informative set" so that it offers a good range of different sounds that hasn't been exposed to the US.  Not the greatest set that I've done, but nevertheless still enjoyable. :)"

DJ Tw33k @ UKUF Radio 10/7/10
-"Although under little notice, I was called to perform just a few days before this live broadcast.  Like how the previous Hybrid States have been, this set provides a very good feel of the sound of D.Tech that I have been thoroughly trying to introduce.  With the first half solely D.Tech and then migrating into lots of new sounds currently being heard in new tech trance, this set was a "FUN" set.  Simply put, another set introducing lots of new songs, so I hope you enjoy. :)"

As usual...


Remember for Booking please email:

And don't forget to

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